Friday, January 24, 2014

Review: No One Else Can Have You by Kathleen Hale

Publisher: HarperTeen
Pages: 380
Received: Received a copy from the publisher through Edelweiss

Release Date: January 7, 2014
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Goodreads Synopsis:

Small towns are nothing if not friendly. Friendship, Wisconsin (population: 689 688) is no different. Around here, everyone wears a smile. And no one ever locks their doors. Until, that is, high school sweetheart Ruth Fried is found murdered. Strung up like a scarecrow in the middle of a cornfield.

Unfortunately, Friendship’s police are more adept at looking for lost pets than catching killers. So Ruth’s best friend, Kippy Bushman, armed with only her tenacious Midwestern spirit and Ruth’s secret diary (which Ruth’s mother had asked her to read in order to redact any, you know, sex parts), sets out to find the murderer. But in a quiet town like Friendship—where no one is a suspect—anyone could be the killer.

My Review:

Well this book completely deviated from where I thought it was going. I think the cover is an amazing fit for this book, the sweater with the moose on it makes you think the book is all cute and fun but then there is that one odd moose. Kathleen Hale's writing is interesting and I think the weird way that Kippy thinks really worked well, I loved the narration.

I always love books with a small town setting, it's the place I have always dreamed of living in since watching Gilmroe Girls. I adore the idea of living somewhere that everyone knows everyone else, it seems so charming. But the town of Friendship, WI quickly loses it's charm when a girl is found murdered (in quite a gruesome way I may add). The story revolves around Ruth's best friend trying to find the murderer.

This story takes some time to get used to the interactions between the characters, because of how awkward Kippy seems to be, but the story just sucked me right in that I wanted to know more about what was happening. The people of the town all have their own agendas and it's weird to see how the death of one girl affects everyone differently, and how the town takes to solving the mystery. Everyone just wants the town to go back to normal and have everything be safe and friendly, where the police drive around in cars with smiley faces on them (because that's not weird... right?)

I think the mystery was so well done and I was taken by surprise quite a few times along the way, especially as you learn more about Kippy herself. What is really interesting about this book is the way that grief is handled. There are many different people that must deal with losing someone close to them, and they all handle it differently, it was a great part of a creepy mystery story. I am very happy that I ended up checking this book out, it was so much more than I was expecting, a great start to the new year. 


  1. RIDICULOUSLY intrigued. Check out that cover! I'm already hooked off your amazing review alone. I'm trying not to buy books but.....exceptions can be made.

  2. I remember reading a bad review for this book somewhere, so I took it off my TBR list. I might have to put it back on now!



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