Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Waiting on Wednesday (10)

Waiting on Wednesday is hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine, it lets us show off books we are excited about, and are anxiously waiting to dive into.

This week my pick is:
Publisher: Scribner
Publication Date: April 2012

Synopsis: We join Roland and his ka-tet as a ferocious storm halts their progress along the Path of the Beam. As they shelter from the screaming wind and snapping trees, Roland tells them not just one strange tale, but two--and in doing so sheds fascinating light on his own troubled past.

In his early days as a gunslinger, in the guilt-ridden year following his mother's death, Roland is sent by his father to a ranch to investigate a recent slaughter. Here Roland discovers a bloody churn of bootprints, clawed animal tracks and terrible carnage--evidence that the 'skin-man',

a shape-shifter, is at work. There is only one surviving witness: a brave but terrified boy called Bill Streeter.
Roland, himself only a teenager, calms the boy by reciting a story from the Book of Eld that his mother used to read to him at bedtime, 'The Wind Through The Keyhole.'

'A person's never too old for stories,' he says to Bill. 'Man and boy, girl and woman, we live for them.'

I absolutely love anything by Stephen King and his Dark Tower series was amazing. So when I heard that he is coming out with another one that takes place in the middle of the series I have to jump around. Though I am not one who usually reads .5 books I can't say no to this one. Though I think it means I'm going to have to reread the first 4 books (this one takes place between 4 and 5). And just look at the beautiful cover! Yay for more Roland and the ka-tet!

What are you waiting on today?


  1. I am trying so hard not to squee right now...I can't believe there is going to be another Dark Tower book! Thanks for sharing. My WoW is here.

    1. That's what I thought when I heard this... I had to tell my sister right away!

  2. I haven't read many Stephen King books. Actually I've only read one but I think I should give some more a chance. Carrie sits on my shelf just waiting to be picked up. :-)

  3. Ohh my Stephen King is such a big author for me, I haven't read anything of his works but man just by reading the name it's a big literary writer for me. I just think it comes with a bibliophile that I get overwhelmed with his books. What Stephen King would you suggest for a person who haven't read anything by Stephen King?! Awesome pick!

    Jay @ We Fancy Books

    1. It depends if you like the horror aspect of his books. If so I would start with something like Christine. If you're not a fan of horror, than definitely take a stab at his Dark Tower series, the first one is called The Gunslinger (they are amazing)

  4. ooh the cover! I hadn't seen the cover before! I'm looking forward to this book. :)

  5. I have never read a Stephen King book! I've seen a couple of movies based on his books that were really scary, so I have always been scare to try. Maybe you can suggest on of his books that's not too scary?

    Thanks for stopping by!



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