Sunday, January 1, 2012

In My Mailbox Christmas/New Year Edition

Happy New Year everyone! This is my Christmas edition of IMM hosted by Kristi at The Story Siren where we get to show off all the goodies we have gotten.

These last couple weeks have been good for me book wise, what with Christmas, and my birthday in the same week. So here is everything I have recently gotten over the past two weeks. :)

I won a Chapters/Indigo contest on twitter, that I got an advance copy of Cinder (which is amazing!) and the first two books of Sailor Moon (yay).

For my birthday my mom got me the greatest thing... The Hunger Games box set. I like all my series to match when I get books so this was perfect. And I've already read through them all, too good to put down!

I got some great books for Christmas as well. Diary of a Player by Brad Paisley (I'm a big country fan, and my sister did a cute theme gift with this and his newest CD). Nostrodomo by Joseph Conrad (haven't heard of it, but I'm really into the classics lately). 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami (can't wait to read that, when I find time). And finally, the complete collection of Edgar Allan Poe (I think this one will be a great read, didn't ask for it).

I also got a lot of gift cards for Chapters/Indigo so I took advantage of the 30% off hardcover sale and bought these two pretties. The Map of Time by Felix J. Palma and Delirium by Lauren Oliver (which I will be reading very soon so I can take part in all those discussions with everyone).

The last (and possibly best gift) I got was a new bookshelf! Yay for my amazing boyfriend who got tired of hearing my complain about my books being double stacked that he went and got me this. It's so pretty and big!

I also got some great Netgalley titles:

What did you guys get in your mailbox?



    You are gonna' love it!!!!!

    Stop by my IMM

  2. Ohhh look at all those lovelies! Especially Cinder and the Sailor Moon books! Enjoy them all and thank you for stopping by my IMM.

  3. You got some great stuff this week! Love your new bookcase! Its so big and awesome! I seriously need to buy Delirium it sounds so good. Thanks for stopping by my IMM!

  4. Hooray for new bookshelves! And I have been seeing Cinder everywhere lately; hope it's good!

    My IMM

  5. Cinder, Delirium, and the Hunger Games are like AWESOME!!!!!!!! You are gonna love them! I so want those sailor Moon books...I'm BIG fan!!!!!! Enjoy :)

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  6. Great IMM!!!! Delirium!!!! Yay! I just finished it a couple days ago and I loved it! Ohhhh. Pure. I finished that a week or two ago and it was really good as well! Enjoy all your books!

    My IMM:


  7. I love Sailor Moon, and The Hunger Games. New Bookshelf, room for more books!
    Thanks for visiting my blog. (=

  8. Can't wait to read Cinder! You're so lucky that you got a review copy! :) I'm jealous. Have fun reading!

  9. ooh i love that cinder cover. i have an e-copy which is just not the same. and a new bookshelf is awesome. i need one, too. i am sure you'll have no trouble filling it up. happy new year!

    my imm

  10. Can't wait to read Cinder!
    Love Hunger Games and I forgot about Diary of a Player!

  11. Okay, Andreas seem to think alike! I LOVE The Hunger Games (who doesn't?), but I was sitting here going, "Oooh!" at so many of the things you got! I want to read Cinder, IQ84, The Map of Time, Delirium, and Pure! And I got some new bookshelves for Christmas, too! Great haul!

    The Overstuffed Bookcase



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