Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Armchair BEA: Positive Book Blogging Experience

I have had so many positive experiences in the short time I have been blogging. The blogging community is a special place and everyone is so amazing. I have to say my best experience I had was when one of the publishing companies in Toronto hosted an event specifically for their bloggers (and I got an invite!) At this point I was still fairly new and still only starting to make contacts. But I had a lot of friends in Toronto who introduced me around to people and really helped me out. But back to the experience...

Bloggers with some of the authors and Lindsey from RHC
Picture courtesy of Evie from Bookish

I got the chance to really see how publishers respect their bloggers and the things they try to do for them. I got to spend a few hours at a great event at Random House Canada, where they invited a lot of their YA bloggers to come in and listen to a few of their authors talk about their newest books. I got to meet Shane Peacock (author of the Boy Sherlock Holmes series), Eric Walters and Teresa Toten (authors of The Taming), and John Boyne (author of Noah Barleywater Runs Away). On top of the chance to meet these authors, the amazing people at Random House Canada gave all us bloggers a copy of their books and we got to get them all signed. So I got a chance to actually talk with all these amazing authors as well. Where else but here are you able to get so many authors in one room with an intimate group of people and you just talk with them all about books and blogging. The authors were great and really talked about how much they loved the blogging community.

And to top it off there was a huge table of random books that we were able to all just take what interested us, and there were some amazing books there!

This experience really makes me see how great the blogging community is, not only from other bloggers but the publishers. It really makes me value the work I put in to my reviews myself because I see that others really do appreciate it themselves.


  1. I loved that meetup, and I always love hanging out with my Bloggettes! You guys make book blogging a wonderful hobby. <3

  2. Wonderful event you were able to attend!

  3. What an amazing event! That's super cool.

  4. oh you lucky duck... What a great experience!
    And I agree, the book blogger community is fantastic.
    Today's post.



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