Thursday, May 22, 2014

Review: Then and Always by Dani Atkins

Publisher: Penguin Canada
Pages: 320
Received: Received a copy from the publisher through NetGalley as part of a blog tour

Release Date: May 20, 2014
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Goodreads Synopsis:

Absorbing, surprising, and heart-rending, Dani Atkins’s debut novel follows a young woman who, after an accident, gets a second chance at life … just not the one she remembers.

Rachel Wiltshire has everything she’s ever wanted: a close group of friends, a handsome boyfriend, and acceptance to the journalism program at a top-choice college. But one fateful evening, tragedy tears her world apart. Five years later, Rachel returns home for the first time to celebrate her best friend’s wedding. Still coping with grief, she can’t stop thinking about the bright future she almost had, if only that one night had gone differently. But when a sudden fall lands her in the hospital, Rachel wakes to find that her life has completely changed. Now she has her dream job as a writer and a stylish apartment, but the people she loves most are not the way she remembers them. Unable to trust her own recollections, Rachel tries to piece together what really happened, and not even she can predict the astonishing truth.

My Review:

Seeing this book compared to One Day really captured my attention with it, I really loved the idea of a woman who gets a second chance with things, but everything she remembers is completely different. I really loved how Atkins brings out this story of trying to bring together what Rachel believes she knows happened over the last five years to what everyone around her is saying happened. I can say that this story really kept me intrigued, trying to figure out what is happening to Rachel, and I love being on her side and finding things out along with her.

This was such a beautiful story, there are so many amazing characters that really keep you invested and rooting for Rachel to truly get her happy ending that she deserves, though what that is no one truly knows. Reading through this and trying to imagine the emotions running through Rachel, especially waking up to find that the person you believed to be dead for the past 5 years is standing there with you. Dani Atkins really hits the emotions in her writing, pulling you into every thought and feeling Rachel has. It is a book that is so heart-wrenching you don't want it to end.

This is a very hard book to write a true review for because it is one that people need to experience for themselves and not have anything given away or it will ruin the story. But I will say it is a beautiful story about rediscovering yourself and how things could be on one side or the other. The only small thing I am still thinking on after having finished this book a few days ago is the ending. I am still at a loss as to if I believe that ending was good or if it was bad. I feel that by that time there were so many emotions running around in my head, that I was crying and a large part of me believes it is a beautiful end to a great love story. But it is one of those that the more I think, my thoughts always change.

Honestly, I do believe I truly loved the book and how Rachel really fought to understand her situation. I think this was such a beautiful story and Dani Atkins really has such beautiful writing, making you fall in love with a story and making it impossible to put down because you want to solve this mystery with Rachel, and see that she finds happiness. I am really happy to have had a chance to read this book and I hope many other readers pick this one up as well.

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  1. I enjoyed this story :)



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