Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Giveaway: The Almond Tree by Michelle Cohen Corasanti (US/CAN)

I was contacted about helping spread the word about The Almond Tree by Michelle Cohen Corasanti, the book sounds intriguing and I was given the opportunity to share this book with all my readers.

Here is the synopsis of The Almond Tree:

Gifted with a mind that continues to impress the elders in his village, Ichmad Hamid struggles with the knowledge that he can do nothing to save his friends and family. Living on occupied land, his entire village operates in constant fear of losing their homes, jobs, and belongings. But more importantly, they fear losing each other.

On Ichmad’s twelfth birthday, that fear becomes reality. With his father imprisoned, his family’s home and possessions confiscated, and his siblings quickly succumbing to hatred in the face of conflict, Ichmad begins an inspiring journey using his intellect to save his poor and dying family. In doing so he reclaims a love for others that was lost through a childhood rife with violence, and discovers a new hope for the future.

There is also a great book trailer found here: 

Two lucky winners will get a copy of The Almond Tree, check out the giveaway below! 

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1 comment:

  1. Oh this one sounds interesting. You don't see a lot of books that deal with the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and Gaza! Thanks for the giveaway :)



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