Saturday, November 1, 2014

Review: Earth & Sky by Megan Crewe

Publisher: Razorbill Canada
Series: Earth & Sky #1
Pages: 336
Received: Received a copy from Penguin Canada in exchange for an honest review

Release Date: October 28, 2014
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Goodreads Synopsis:

Seventeen-year-old Skylar has been haunted for as long as she can remember by fleeting yet powerful sensations that something is horribly wrong. But despite the panic attacks tormenting her, nothing ever happens, and Sky’s beginning to think she’s crazy. Then she meets a mysterious, otherworldly boy named Win and discovers the shocking truth her premonitions have tapped into: our world no longer belongs to us. For thousands of years, Earth has been at the mercy of alien scientists who care nothing for its inhabitants and are using us as the unwitting subjects of their time-manipulating experiments. Win belongs to a rebel faction seeking to put a stop to it, and he needs Skylar’s help--but with each shift in the past, the very fabric of reality is unraveling, and soon there may be no Earth left to save.

My Review:

This is surprisingly my first Megan Crewe book, I am truly disappointed in myself for not picking up one of her books earlier and after this I plan to read her other stories ASAP. Megan Crewe imagines our world to be something different, what if the way our lives were was not actually what was happening and that we are truly missing out on something. This story really makes you contemplate a lot of different things, Megan Crewe brings in the idea that life on Earth is an experiment and that there is another life force that is changing reality.

Skylar is an intriguing character, when readers meet her in the beginning, you see that she is special, but you are not absolutely sure in what way. Skylar can sense that things are not always right and it is a scary thought that takes over her body, she has panic attacks and can see things happening that no one else is able to see. When Skylar meets Win, she realizes that she has these feelings because there is something else going on in the world, and the history is being messed with. Skylar begins to help Win as he attempts to stop these aliens from his home planet from experimenting on Earth. What I enjoyed is the way time travel is added into this story, Win and Skylar travel all over time to find missing pieces of a weapon that could save everyone on Earth from these aliens.

Megan Crewe uses this story to show how time can be changed so easily when traveling back, but what Win and Skylar don't realize is that they are also changing history the more they travel. It is almost coming to the point that Skylar can not tell what is reality anymore and they need to fight harder to keep these time-manipulating experiments from happening. This story also kept a great pace, Megan Crewe took her time to explain the idea of these aliens and their experiment, also on how this rebel faction came to be.

I really loved how this story made me think about life and history, thinking about how easily the future could be changed. I want to see where the rest of this series will go from here! I'm so glad I decided to finally pick up a Megan Crewe book, this was a great one to start with, though I can't wait to go and read her past books as well. 

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