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Blog Tour for Shadows by Paula Weston Review

Publisher: Tundra Books
Series: The Rephaim #1
Pages: 400
Received: Received a copy from Tundra Books in exchange for an honest review

Release Date: September 10, 2013
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Goodreads Synopsis:

It's almost a year since Gaby Winters watched her twin brother die. In the sunshine of a new town her body has healed, but her grief is raw and constant. It doesn't help that every night in her dreams she fights and kills hell-beasts. And then Rafa comes to town. Not only does he look exactly like the guy who's been appearing in Gaby's dreams, he tells her things about her brother and her life that cannot be true, things that are dangerous. Who is Rafa? Who are the Rephaim? And who is Gaby? The truth lies in the shadows of her nightmares.

My Review:

Angel books, these books are done a lot lately and it's hard to find one that works for you. Shadows was an interesting story, and difficult to review without giving away too much of the story. So as much as I will try to keep things general there may be slight spoilers ahead.

Gaby Winters is getting her life back together after her brother died, she still deals with the grief and has difficulties talking about it, she was there with him and she lived through it. All of a sudden this guy shows up in town (a guy she has dreamed about) and seems to know all about her brother, but his stories don't match up to what she knows at all. All of a sudden Gaby's life is completely turned around and she doesn't know what to believe anymore.

The one thing about this book that kind of disappointed me was that throughout the entire book Gaby is confused about her life, and there isn't much of a resolution. I was thinking more would come from this book, but the way the story was written will have readers coming back to get more answers from the author. I know I am curious as to what will come next for Gaby. I do hope that a lot of things are answered in the next book and that we move on to something a little different.

I do think that Paula had a very interesting idea with this story, I loved the background of the Rephaim, you can tell that Paula really researched her angel mythology and religion behind it to really make this story work. I was interested in the history of the Rephaim and what their plan is (though that is still not entirely clear to me).

The characters in this really made the book, I loved the toughness of all of them, especially Gaby. She keeps people at arm's length, there was a good amount of humour with her sarcasm and her interactions with Rafa, as she tries to understand her past and Rafa tries to get used to the different Gaby. I had wished that Gaby found out more about herself and her past to really help bring the story together a little more.

Paula has written a fun angel story that leaves readers guessing and wanting more. I love the extensive history of the Rephaim that Paula details in this story and I hope to see more of this history and some more great action scenes in the future books.

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  1. I definitely enjoyed this one! I feel like we got enough background while still leaving some things open (like Rafa & Gabby's past!) to wonder about. I can't wait to see where this series goes next. =)



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