Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy New Year!!!

First I want to wish all my readers a very happy new year!!!! Hope the holidays were good, and I want to thank you for sticking by, even though I know this blog has dwindled a little over the last year. I am definitely trying to catch up and get back into being more active here. 

Well it is a new year and I am excited to start anew with 2016. I went through quite a bit in the last year or so and I've been disappointed in myself... This year I'm going to really start getting back to doing more things for myself. 

I definitely let a lot of things get in the way, and found that I didn't truly leave enough time for myself and to do the things I really love (like reading). This year I am hoping that I can find more of that precious time where I was on my own and just relaxing. 

Last year I found myself getting stressed out too often and bringing work stress home with me, it really made it hard to focus on the important things. Switching locations for my job did a lot of great things for me, and I made some new and amazing friends through the change, but it also brought about a few new stresses, which hopefully I can change this year. 

This year I really want to go by the saying "New year, new me". I'm looking forward to some new adventures this year and focusing more on being back in the blogging world, I have missed some old friends that I met when I started this adventure and I want to get back in touch with those people as well.

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So here's to a new year and some new fun with old friends and new family!!! CHEERS!

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  1. New years are great for starting over, aren't they? :) There's so much promise in a new year, new me. I wish you the absolute best in 2016 - here's to good reading, good health, good quality of life!



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