Monday, November 16, 2015

Review: Deceptions by Kelley Armstrong

Publisher: Random House of Canada
Series: Welcome to Cainsville #3
Pages: 458
Received: Received a copy from Penguin Random House Canada in exchange for an honest review

Release Date: August 18, 2015
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Goodreads Synopsis:

Olivia’s life has exploded. She’s discovered she’s not only adopted, but her real parents are convicted serial killers. Fleeing the media frenzy, she took refuge in the oddly secluded town of Cainsville. She has since solved the town’s mysteries and finds herself not only the target of its secretive elders, but also her stalker ex-fiancé.

Visions continue to haunt her: particularly a little blond girl in a
green sundress who insists she has an important message for Olivia, one that may help her balance the light and darkness within herself. Death stalks Olivia and the two men most important to her, as she desperately searches to understand whether ancient scripts are dictating their triangle. Will darkness prevail or does Olivia have the power to prevent a tragic fate?

My Review:

Oh how happy I am to be back in the town of Cainsville, no matte how creepy things are, I cannot help loving this town. As the story continues, readers slowly learn more about Olivia's past life and why she is so important to the town of Cainsville. Not only does Olivia have the problem of two different groups of fae are fighting for her but her ex-fiance is still stalking her.

I absolutely love what Kelley Armstrong brings to her stories as they continue along, there is always trouble waiting around a corner for Olivia and she realizes that she needs to learn a lot more about the past to understand what is exactly happening to her. These books are the hardest stories to put down because so much continually happens you don't want to lose Olivia's story. Readers have learned more about Olivia's past as she learns about her birth parents, but the town of Cainsville has a history that affects Olivia as well, and this book focuses more on that.

The only thing that was kind of weird is how Kelley Armstrong mixes different historical aspects into this series. It starts out with the history of the fae, but added in is some Greek mythology as well, I'm wondering if there is going to be more supernatural entities added in along the way...

The romance of this book truly keeps readers rapt, yes there is a bit of a love triangle but in a way there is a history behind this triangle that it actually makes sense in this story. Olivia has two people that are the most important people to her and are the ones that will do anything to save her. It's amazing to see how quickly Olivia makes friends and I can truly say Kelley Armstrong does an amazing job writing these relationships and I am interested to see how things will grow between all the characters as the story continues.

Armstrong also brings back more of Olivia's birth parents and we get to learn more about the past and is giving a little more information on what happened, but there is still more investigation into the past murders that still may save her parents. Honestly, this series has kept me in anticipation for the last few years, and I don't want it to stop anytime soon. I have come to love these characters and I really want to see them grow and learn more about themselves, as well as see what will happen in the future now that we know more about the past!

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  1. I absolutely love this series! Kelley is such a natural writer and a really nice person too. I have met her a few times and have all my Cainsville books autographed. She's coming out with a standalone mystery soon I think it is :).



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