Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Product Review: Kobo Aura HD

*Opinions in this review are my own, I received this in exchange for an honest review*

So a little while ago I got asked if I was interested in testing out the new Kobo Aura HD. I have been wanting to look at a new e-reader for awhile so I thought this was an amazing opportunity and I was happy to help out. Let me be honest, at first I had no idea what was going on with this email, but I heard about a few other people who received the same thing and I definitely did not want to pass on it.

I was eagerly waiting for this, and checking the mail everyday.

I have only known the Kindle e-reader (and the very first one at that). I am an avid reader, and I was given the Kindle as a gift years ago because my mother felt that I had too many books and this would help me out a bit. I think the most difficult change for me was going to a touch screen ereader. But I got used to that quickly, and I think I found it a lot better than having a keyboard.

Everything about this ereader was easy to use, for not knowing Kobo I found everything so easy to understand, and it was easy to transfer my review copies from Netgalley onto the Kobo Aura. The size of this is really nice and easy to hold. I don't feel that making the back of the reader ridged instead of straight makes much of a difference. I do find that at times it can be slow with the page turning and that in the beginning you get a shadow of the page before (but that goes away after a few page turns). The best thing is how easy it is to see what you are reading no matter where you are, I've read outside in the sun and have not had issues, and can read at night using the front-light (which you can adjust the brightness of).

The one thing I miss compared to the Kindle I used to have it the 3G access, though the Kobo does have Wi-fi (which is awesome) I miss being able to get on the bookstore when I'm somewhere that Wi-fi is not available.

I'm really enjoying using the Reading Life application associated with this. You can earn badges for how often and when you read, and for sharing what you are reading with friends. The only thing I haven't tried out is the quote sharing, but I think I am most excited for that (you can't do it with ARC's and that's all I've read with this so far).

The specs of this ereader are great, you have:
- 6.8" ultra-high resolution ClarityScreen with 1440 x 1989 display
- No-glare Pearl E-Ink touchscreen
- Integrated front-light
- 4 GB memory, that is expandable to 32 GB with an SD card.

All in all I do love this new e-reader, it's simple to use and very sleek. It's definitely a change for me, but I love it and have been raving about this ereader to friends and family!


  1. Sounds like a great product. I have the previous model and I really like it. It's too bad the rigged back doesn't make a huge difference, that seemed like a big selling point.

  2. This product sounds amazing! how wonderful you were able to review it :)

    I am a kindle user so I'm not too cluey about the kobo but the features sound great; especially the light which I'd love.

  3. It's nice, isn't it?? I had a Kobo Touch before that I loved, but this one is even better. Agreed about the back/shape of the eReader... that's the one thing that I'm not over the moon about. But the screen and the front-light are GREAT, and it's a lot quicker than the Touch is.



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