Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Event Recap: Chatelaine Book Club - A Tale for The Time Being by Ruth Ozeki

Last Thursday I got the chance to attend the Chatelaine Book Club event over at Penguin Canada for this month's pick A Tale for The Time Being by Ruth Ozeki. What a night for an event, it was cold, snowy and very windy, but everyone at Penguin Canada tried to make the room feel more like spring, with some nice flowers everywhere.

After an introduction, where we saw the trailer for A TALE FOR THE TIME BEING. We were told that Ruth actually directed the trailer herself! It is really intriguing and makes me more excited for the book. Check it out here:

After this Ruth read a passage from the book, and honestly I found it beautiful and a perfect section to draw those of us that hadn't read the book to read it ASAP. As Ruth talked about her inspiration for the book, I was engrossed in hearing about how much time Ruth spent writing this book and how many times she changed things. She discussed how the hardest part was finding a character to find the journal and bring Nao's story to life. Ruth talked about how she had many different versions of this story, each with a different character telling Nao's story, and the story changed each time. It wasn't until her husband told her that she should be the one to find and tell Nao's story, and that's how in a way Ruth Ozeki is the author in this book.

The whole book is about the idea of the collaboration of readers and writers, one cannot exist without the other. She uses this book to show the theme of inner connectedness, in some way we are all connected, through the internet, through other people that we know, etc. Ruth talked a lot about how there are thousands of stories out in the world, each different and just waiting for someone to tell it.

After meeting Ruth and listening to her speak, I think she is a great inspiration for many writers out there, but also in a way I found her to be an inspiration to readers as well. It was an honour to be able to meet Ruth Ozeki and I am excited to read this beautiful book. Thank you Penguin Canada and Chatelaine for the event!

Nice spring flowers to brighten our night

Ruth reading from her new book

Discussing her inspiration behind the book

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